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All Hail!

All hail the reigning monarchs of Edisonia!

His Royal Highness, King Cameron Austin Keene, son of HRH Jennifer Hussey Keene and Lord Tim Keene , and Her Royal Highness, Queen Erin Noel Kyle, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kevin A. Kyle.

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Edison Pageant of Light proudly presents the 2023 Royal Court of Edisonia
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23 Princes and Princesses 1.png
23 Princes and Princesses 2.png
23 Princes and Princesses 3.png
23 Princes and Princesses 4.png
23 Dukes and Duchesses 1.png
23 Dukes and Duchesses 2.png
23 Dukes and Duchesses 3.png
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